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​I'm an associate professor at Oregon State University, where I have a joint
appointment in New Media Communications and Speech Communication.
I also serve as an associate editor of Surveillance & Society and am a
co-director of the Surveillance Studies Network. See below to learn more
about my research or to download some of my published work.


Packer, Nuñez de Villavicencio, Monea, Oswald, Maddalena, and Reeves,

Prison House of the Circuit: Politics of Control from Analog to Digital 

(Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 2023). 


Jeremy Packer and Joshua Reeves, Killer Apps: War, Media, Machine (Durham, NC:
Duke University Press, 2020). 


Joshua Reeves, Citizen Spies: The Long Rise of America's Surveillance Society

(New York, NY: New York University Press, 2017).


Ehren Pflugfelder and Joshua Reeves, “Surveillance Work in/and Teaching Technical

Writing with AI,” forthcoming in Journal of Technical Writing and Communication.


Joshua Reeves and Ethan Stoneman, “Brain Warfare and the Malleable Mind:

Experiments in the Programmable Subject,” forthcoming in Theory & Event.

Joshua Reeves and Ethan Stoneman, "From the Confessional Booth to Digital Enclosures:

Absolution as Cultural Technique," forthcoming in Theory, Culture, & Society

Jeremy Packer, Joshua Reeves, and Kate Maddalena, "Perfect Incommunicability: War and the Strategic Paradox of Human-Machine Communication," in the SAGE Handbook of Human-Machine Communication, eds. Andrea Guzman, Rhonda McEwen, and Steve

Jones, 154-163 (London: SAGE, 2023).

Joshua Reeves, "Rhetoric, Violence, and the Subject of Civility." Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 19.1 (2022): 91-108. (PDF)

Fenwick McKelvey, Jeremy Packer, and Joshua Reeves, "AI and the Automation of Warfare." Canadian Journal of Communication 47.2 (2022): 377-98. (PDF)

Jeremy Packer and Joshua Reeves, "Making Enemies with Media." Communication and the Public 5.1/2 (2020): 16-25. (PDF)

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Joshua Reeves and Chris Ingraham, "Character Assassins and Moral Entrepreneurs: Social Media and the Regulation of Morality," in the Routledge Handbook of Character Assassination and Reputation Management, eds. Sergei A. Samoilenko, et al., 366-378 (New York: Routledge, 2019). (PDF)

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Joshua Reeves, "Of Social Networks and Suicide Nets: Biopolitics and the Suicide Screen." Television and New Media: 18.6 (2017): 513-28. (PDF)

Chris Ingraham and Joshua Reeves, "New Media, New Panics." Critical Studies in Media Communication 33.5 (2016): 455-67. (PDF)


Rachel Hall, Torin Monahan, and Joshua Reeves (eds). Surveillance and Performance. Special Issue of Surveillance & Society 14.2 (2016): 153-276. (WEB) 


Rachel Hall, Torin Monahan, and Joshua Reeves. "Editorial: Surveillance and Performance." Surveillance & Society 14.2 (2016): 153-67. (PDF)

Joshua Reeves, "Automatic for the People: The Automation of Communicative Labor." Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 13.2 (2016): 150-165. (PDF)


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Joshua Reeves, “If You See Something, Say Something: Lateral Surveillance and the Uses of Responsibility.” Surveillance & Society 10.3-4 (2012): 235-48. (PDF)


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